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Don't Even Think About It - Sarah Mlynowski

This one boggled me and i refrained from staring it for a while. Even now in not sure.


On one hand we have The Unique Point of View, I've never encountered a book with "WE" POV so far. It was disorienting at firs but you get used to it quickly once you understand why the need of plural POV. The Characters weren't declared good or bad but each character possessed ether characteristic. I found them more complex and more realistic. Also i find easier to sympathize with every single one of them. The Story - i love mind reading stories, i love the perplexity of them, the pros and the cons of knowing everything everyone thinks and the noise that comes along with it (another plus: at no point i find my self eye-rolling and i think that's refreshing).


On the other hand The Ending really bothered me! It was not a bad ending, at all, it just ended abruptly. I got to know the characters, i got to love the characters and just when i started to care what happens - the story ended. This book would ha much more sense if there was a sequel.


Anyways. That was my problem with this book. I was ready to give it all the praise up until the ending. I'm not sure did i loved this or did i hate it...? So i would recommend it but with caution and i seriously hope there is a sequel in planing...