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The Naturals - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I've read J.L.B. before, she didn't leave much of an impression with her previous book. But this book i liked.

I've picked this up assuming is a paranormal science fiction, but it turned out to be plain mystery thriller.
The distinction was not all that obvious and keeping in mind that it is a first in series maybe it'll turn out supernatural after all, we'll see.

But even without the supernatural element its a good story.
The plot was interesting, everybody was suspicious at some point in the story and it kept me on my toes not allowing me to predict the plot twists as easily. It also had a good pace, not giving you much of a rest , just when you think one thing is finished other think starts and it keeps sucking you up into the story.

You see I'm loudly praising this but... why the average rating?

I had a problem with the MC. She was judgmental and condescending and not even a tiny bit likable. But the supporting cast keeps outshining her so it still makes for an enjoyable read.
Also BE WARNED there is a love triangle. Its not that eye soaring and there is no angst surrounding it, so it is kinda OK, but still...

So, yes, this was fun to read. I definitely will read the sequel. If you are a fan of shows like Criminal Minds, Mentalist and Lie to Me this will appeal to you and i suggest to check it out.