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Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson


I often wish i was a superhero. Or at list live in the world where they exist so ill be their techno-geek (like felicity on arrow) and help them...

This book made me rethink my wishes.


Sanderson giver every superhero villains characteristic and makes the regular human the real heroes!

Now that's the world i wanna live in!


The setting is in Chicago, in the future where all city is made of still. Also because of the Epic named Nightwielder the city lives in perpetual darkens and almost all the citizens are relocated underground.

I had a problem imagining the world made of still and darkens. My mind is used to imagining soft soil and green tries and also sunshine. I had to keep reminding my self and re-imagine the setting (which is totally my fault). That might have dampened my enjoyment a little. But the action in this book and the unpredictable plot twist make up for the narrow-mindedness of my imagination.


What truly made this book so much enjoyable was the way the story was delivered.

This is primly a vengeance story. But Davids lighthearted narration spoke in such a manor that puts the hatred second to the purposeful ambition and made this more a story about loyalty and devotion.

It also made me love David more.


The romance was just touched upon, but it was enough to make setup for later, and also left great (or grave, well see) possibilities for book two.


So yes, yes, I loved this book people! Davids awkward manor, his improvising skills, the mystery of the characters surrounding him, the wonder that is the girl he likes, made this so, SO good!


I recommend you go and read this as soon as possible. So stop reading my rambling and go now! Go!