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[reblog] World After by Susan Ee

World After  - Susan Ee



WOW. Just wow. This book? I'm not sure I can describe it as anything else but AMAZING! World After is one of those books that are hard to describe and review about because I feel like I can’t do the book justice and explain how much I loved it. Here I am, months later, trying to write a review for the hundredth time. And I can't (Not really, anyway.) This book is just everything I want in a book. Okay, how do I even begin?




  • I LOVE Penryn. That name alone for me is worth reading the book. She is strong, no non-sense, low on drama, navigating a really dark world. I love how real she is in this book.
  • I LOVE Raffe...sigh…all I can say is that I have got a new addition to my Fictional BF collection :)  I have one BIG complaint though: Not enough Raffe! Seriously! He's this mysterious angel warrior and totally bad ass. HE IS SO SWOON-WORTHY.



  • I love the flirty bantering between Penryn and Raffe, through out the whole story. The world is one hell of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and even in such a dire situation, Penryn and Raffe both manage to find humor to lighten things up.
  • Scenes that give you warm fuzzy feelings up your spine and butterflies at the pit of your stomach.
  • The plot is so unexpected. There's always things happening in this book that leaves you at the edge of your seat.
  • Paige! Poor sweet Paige! There's this one particular scene that honestly brought me to tears like I really cried. REAL TEARS.



  • The book is dark and twisted, with some gruesome bits in it, imagine scorpion angels and Frankenstein-like experiments on little kids...but I loved it all.
  • Despite all the struggle, hardship, and heartbreak, there were many times where I found myself laughing out loud.
  • Pooky Bear. You can’t NOT love Pooky Bear. That's the best sword ever
  • Penryn's crazy mom is another highlight of the book, her relationship with Penryn is heartbreaking. When Penryn gets her inner (crazy) Mom on, she is funny as hell. I laughed so hard I nearly died.
  • The end of this book was the best I've read in a long friggin time! It left me crazy! CRAZY I TELL YOU!!
  • Susan Ee awed me with her writing. Without her there won't be Raffe..Enough said!



Hard to focus on reality again after this one...


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