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Origin (Lux #4)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Warning: this contains foul language and also tiny spoilers!!!


For those of you who don't know what this book is about: this book is about rubbing and also groping.

There were literally 3 chapter about them (ahem) enjoying each-other! 3 CHAPTERS noting happened except them lying in bed! and then there were 2 more of them walking through Vegas and thinking about FEELINGS.


There might have been some descent action scenes somewhere around the end but I was so fed up of this book by then i skip-read through most of them.


The thing is, this series starts off well. You have the first, maybe even the second book and it has its eye-rolling moments but they are neatly dispersed through the book and cut of just before you start cringing. So you finish it and you like it and you are a little ashamed to admit because of its cheesy plot but you give it a 4 stars anyway and wait for the next book excitedly.


And here is where everything goes spiraling downward. why i think that is?


First The behavior of the characters was unrealistic. I kept in mind that we (people) act differently in stressful situations but i can't imagine anyone acting the way our two MC did at the beginning. Kidnapped by the Government, tortured, scared for their life one would want comfort and closeness from their loved one not penetration. (i'm being vulgar on purpose - this book violated my mind. i'm in for revenge!)


Second the plot is stretched to tin, the story is not that complex to be divided in 5 parts. This would have been decent enough series if it was only 3 books.


Third the so-called LOVE they feel for each-other its noting more then hormones and hornyness (that's not a word - i don't care). It might pass as obsession, lust, craving, maybe crush.... But never LOVE. You don't apologize to the one you love about your feelings. They are a part of you. You don't say "thank you" just because he stays after you cried. That's what he SHOULD do, its not special and its not exclusive. It's what you do for the one you love. And You say what you want without thinking too much about it because that's you unfiltered and that's the ONLY YOU he should know and love!


And Last...
We have this author, and she would not go in to history with the greatest, but she is good enough for our generation. And she writes in cliches but that's OK, because people that don't read as mach as WE do, love them - also they sell. And she is writing Young Adult and she also writes New Adult. And I think somewhere along the way she stopped seeing the line between the two.
And this Book is the result.


I read through all of the book waiting for the love i felt for its predecessors to come back. It never did. This book might have tainted the whole series form me. I now wonder how i liked any of them at all? 


So NO!i did't like this book! And YES I am gonna read the last one because i came this far and i want to see how it ends! And YES i feel a little like hypocrite because of it! (and a little sick when i remember that i have to read about their FEELINGS again!)



My recommendation?! If you are not as cynical as i am you might like this one and If you are not as old as i am then you might love this one. If you are bout of those things (and also have a brain and opinions) i don't recommend it!


(for the ones who decide to read this): Just be prepared for the touches and the kisses and the legs spreading and gasps and growls while the people are dying around them. Because they love each-other people, that's why!!!