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Quarantine: The Saints (Quarantine, #2)

The Saints - Lex Thomas

it took me two days to read this (because i had to sleep and live) or I would have read it faster. I finish it and i realize that this is by far the most shallow book i'v ever read! 


Don't get me wrong there is a lot of action and the pace is pretty decent so it keeps you reading and it's a fine book, it is! But personally I found it unnecessary brutal.

- Every single character is either chauvinist or feminist.

- Everyone is labeled (Slut, Geek, Nerd, Freak...) and discriminated because of it and their behavior just made me cringe around the book.

- I didn't relate to anyone so i can make excuses for him/her and for that matter I found the secondary characters more explored (in psych and background story) than the MCs. >[for example i know that Hillary's mother hated her, but i have no idea what Will and David family is like or Lucy's]<


I might have had a better experience if i fell in love with one of the MCs but truth be told i hated them all (Lucy the most, Will the least) more then the "villains".


So if you are looking for mindless action this is a fun read for you. My advise is: don't thing too much about the physics of it all and enjoy the ups and downs of everyday life in McKinley High.