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Untitled (Article 5, #3) - Kristen Simmons

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So many other stops as well – Knoxville, a crucial point in books 1 and 2; Chattanooga, a stop in book 3; Atlanta, also visited in book 3, various places on the South Carolina coast that are addressed in the third book; and others. I don’t want to give too much away about the conclusion of Ember’s story, but I will say this place, in South Carolina, perfectly fit one of the scenes that takes place in THREE.

Ok, here’s a teensy spoiler:
The intersection before the minimart was empty. The gas pumps still stood, but their hoses were ripped away. In the sun outside the entrance a man in street clothes was seated on a metal chair. He was slumped forward, asleep, his hands on his lap, his chin on his chest.