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Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout


While reading this book i come to this worthy notions about life:

- teen pregnancy is the bomb!

- man leathe pants are having a comeback

- you are considered British if you end every sentence with the word LOVE


- sleeping with a boy in same bed always ends up in sex. Always (ergo)

- romance is dead

- if you don't PDA you are not considered "in love"

*(on the side note - the best place for PDA is an official war meeting)
- to be considered brilliant you just have to find a room full of morons.
- male gods (if they exist) never wear upper body clothing
*(and women gods always wear see-trough gowns)
- when given the choice between serious talk and sex you should always choose the later
- blushing is the only appropriate reaction to a dirty talk (you don't want people thinking you are a slut now, do you?)
- 17 year old girls are consider women
*(also 21 year old boys are consider men). yeah...

This series is a story about a 17 year old girl, Greek god descendant, who learns her destiny is to became the God-Killer and battle the War-God to save the world.

Considering this book is the conclusion of the series one would expect an action packed book with a lot of loos ends to be tied.
And yes it does tie loos ends but, by the end you are so bored, you just stop caring.


The action is practically non existent (with exception of the last 3 chapters and also if you count f-ing... i don't). The characters just struggle through lazy plot, making stupid decisions regarding obvious questions. Some dialogs were repeated through the book, some were left unfinished hanging in the air, or unnecessary dragged through multiple chapters. Also, every third page had some kind of love declaration on it that in stead of making the love more intense and special it just numbed down the feeling making it unworthy and unbelievable.

But the main thing that bothered me is the same thing that bothered me in Origin (Lux #4). The author mixes the New and Young-Adult genres. This book is mislabeled and it makes me a little cheated and a little insulted. *(Look at it this way: If the book world was a giant chat room, this book would be the cutesy little-girl picture hiding a sex predator behind it...)

So... The only moment i felt invested in the book was the last (only) Fight Scene. I liked that it was solely Alex and Seth moment of the story (not lovey-dovey moment but equally powerful). Consequently, this was the only book that i developed feelings for Seth, in the previous books he felt like furniture. That and Deacons sense of humor are the only things that makes this a TWO stars book in stead of ONE.

If you want fighting, snark and a lot of making out without an actual consequence of plot or character development please feel free and read this!

Over and Out.