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Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi (Update: 07/09/'13)
Small Teaser:
Peregrine has a falcon tattoo across his back, but did you guys know that Roar has a Marking too?
You'll see it in INTO THE STILL BLUE. Which may or may not mean that Roar takes his shirt off.
-Author, out.-

(Update: 06/20/'13)
THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS!!! + the cover of the US edition...
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(Update: 04/23/'13)
He squeezed the trigger.
Safety switch--something he never had to consider with a bow. He flipped it, pressed the trigger again, and didn't miss.

“Yes, Molly, she is wounded and weak," Reef said, "but weakness is no longer a factor. We are all weak. What matters now is time. That is a factor. War rules. We do what's needed, when it’s needed." He pointed at Aria without looking away from Molly. "Right now that means she needs to know exactly what’s happening.”
Reef's words shook off any last wisp of fuzziness from Aria’s mind. They brought her back to where she’d been a week ago, alert and tense, a little breathless, with a sense of desperation curling inside of her like a stomachache.
- on Veronica Rossi's blog