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THE FIRST 5 CHAPTERS for the ones who own e-readers! :)

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Teaser #1:
As we pushed off from the fountain, one of the washerwomen leaned forward.
“If you ever get tired of skin and bones,” she called to Mal, “I’ve got something to tempt you.”
I stiffened. Mal glanced over his shoulder. Slowly, he looked her up and down. “No,” he said flatly. “You don’t.”
The girl’s face flushed an ugly red as the others jeered and cackled, splashing her with water. I tried for a haughtily arched brow, but it was hard to restrain the goofy grin pulling at the corners of my mouth.
“Thanks,” I mumbled as we crossed the square, heading toward our boardinghouse.
“For what?”
I rolled my eyes. “For defending my honor, you dullard.”
He yanked me beneath a shadowed awning. I had a moment’s panic when I thought he’d spotted trouble, but then his arms were around me and his lips were pressed to mine.
When he finally drew back, my cheeks were warm and my legs had gone wobbly.
“Just to be clear,” he said, “I’m not really interested in defending your honor.”
“Understood,” I managed, hoping I didn’t sound too ridiculously breathless.

Teaser #2:
Ivan bowed and darted from the room, closing the door behind him.
“He can’t wait to get away from you,” I said, hovering by the door. “He’s afraid of what you’ve become. They all are.”
“Do you fear me, Alina?”
“That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
The Darkling shrugged. “Fear is a powerful ally,” he said. “And loyal.”
He was watching me in that cold, assessing way that made me feel as if he were reading me like words on a page, his fingers moving over the text, gleaning some secret knowledge that I could only guess at. I tried not to fidget, but the irons at my wrists chafed.
“I’d like to free you,” he said quietly.
“Free me, flay me. So many options.” I could still feel the press of his knife at my cheek.
He sighed. “It was a threat, Alina. It accomplished what it needed to.”
“So you wouldn’t have cut me?”
“I didn’t say that.”

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But worse were the dreams of a pale prince who pressed his lips to her neck, who placed his hands on the collar that circled her throat and called forth her power in a blaze of bright sunlight.

As I passed a gin shop, I caught a flash of crimson out of the corner of my eye. Corporalki. Instantly, I drew back, pressing myself into the shadowy space between two buildings, heart hammering, my hand already reaching for the pistol at my hip.

PAGE 10:
I'd never been much to look at, and weeks of not using my power had taken their toll. I wasn't eating or sleeping well, and the nightmares didn't help. The women's faces all said the same thing: What was a boy like Mal doing with a girl like me?

PAGE 17:
"I'm going to tell them to let you go," he said when they were done, "with the knowledge that if you so much as raise your hands, Ivan will slit the tracker open. Show me that you understand."

PAGE 23:
The last thing I heard was the Darkling's voice—so clear, like he was lying right next to me, his lips pressed against my ear, whispering so that only I could hear: Thank you.

PAGE 32:
"He's safe for now, Alina. But don't test me. If one of you steps out of line, the other will suffer. I've told him the same."

PAGE 36:
Ivan froze, his smirk evaporating. Behind him stood a boy around my age, maybe a few years older—ruddy hair, a broken nose. The clever fox.

PAGE 43:
The worst part about it was that the Darkling had been right. If I'd kept clinging to Mal and the memory of the love I had for him, I might never have mastered my power.

PAGE 50:
Mal lifted his bound hands, reaching for me. I felt the barest brush of his fingers against mine, and then Ivan was hailing me back toward the hatch.

PAGE 59:
I turned then, not caring who saw us or what punishment I might receive. The mist was rising off the water now, creeping along the deck. I looked up at him, taking in every detail of his face: the bright blue of his irises, the curve of his lip, the scar that ran the length of his jaw.

PAGE 73:
Mal and I drew apart, gazing at the crewmen yipping and laughing around us. I knew we were both thinking the same thing: Just what had we gotten ourselves into?

PAGE 88:
"You are right about one thing, Summoner. The Darkling is a powerful enemy. You might want to think about making some powerful friends."

PAGE 100:
Mal traced the line of my throat, the curve of my cheek, and all the while, he held my gaze. I felt like he was looking for an answer there, but when he finally spoke, all he said was, "All right." He kissed me once, gently, and though I tried to ignore it, there was something mournful in the brush of his lips.

PAGE 119:
As he bent to kiss me, Sturmhond's voice cut through the dark. "Can we get to the cuddling later? I want us ashore before dawn."