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Updare (09.08.'13)
CHAPTER ONE from Untold
June Snippet:
In the shadows moving behind whispering leaves, in a place seen through a glass darkly. Jared was there. She had been able to reach him across an ocean: she had to believe she could find him now.
“You don’t understand,” Ash said hopelessly.
“I understand this,” Kami returned. “Think of where he is, conjure it up, bring it closer. Open a door for me, or I swear to God I will break through a wall.” She stood up and reached a hand across the pool to Ash, whose fingers closed around hers, unexpectedly strong.
His eyes went wide. “What are you going to do?”
“I’m going in after him,” Kami said. “Don’t let go of my hand.” She took a firmer hold on his hand, and jumped into the pool.
It was like taking a tumble into the night sky. She felt like she was falling through fathoms of airless darkness lost beyond recall.
Ash’s hand stayed tight clasped with hers, though it made every muscle in her arm scream to hang on. She struck out with her free hand, blackness all around her, skin burning with cold and lungs burning from lack of oxygen. This was a nightmare eager to swallow her whole, but if Jared was here, some part of her could survive here. She was not going to give up until this place surrendered what was hers.
*(the rest of the snippet HERE!)

Snippet #1:
Holly leaned against the bar. At the same time, Jared came over and dumped his empty tray. There was snow on the ground, but he had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up past his elbows and a couple of buttons undone. He looked overheated and overtired, and aside from that, Holly didn’t know if he was feeling anything at all. He wasn’t like Ash: he was like the other Lynburns, with faces cold as stone and eyes cold as steel.
There was a splash of what seemed to be lime cordial on his open collar. When he dumped the tray, he pushed his hair back and looked at Holly. “You look like you could use a real drink,” he said indifferently.
“Please,” Holly responded.
Jared leaned over the bar and tipped some whiskey into Holly’s glass. Holly drank it.
“Thanks.” Holly looked up from her drained glass to Jared’s eyes.
- you can find the full snippet HERE!

Snippet #2:
It took her a moment to realize there was someone else in that small dark corridor.
He was standing against the wall in the shadows. The only light was the stripe cast through the door Kami had not quite shut behind her; the iron doorknob was still pressed against her palm. His face was shadowed, but in that pale strip of light, she saw the gold glint of his hair and the line of his body, shoulders squared and arms folded.
“It doesn’t matter,” said Kami. She let go of the doorknob and reached for him. Miraculously, he did not flinch away. He let her fingertips rest against the worn leather of his sleeve.
“Listen,” Kami whispered, braver now. “I don’t care what Lillian says, or what anyone says. It doesn’t have to matter. You don’t have to hate yourself. I know you. Better than anyone. Don’t I?”
She felt sinking disappointment when he uncrossed his arms and her hand fell away, certain he was about to move farther away.
But he moved nearer. Surprise ran through Kami at that simple action, his warmth so close to her chilled body. His breath was a whisper of heat against her cheek. As she swallowed in the dark, she felt his fingers lightly touching the collar of her dress, trailing back to the nape of her neck.
Then his hand closed tight in her hair, and he pulled her in against him and kissed her. Kami arched up against him, sliding her hands up along his chest, feeling muscle move under thin cotton against her palms. She clenched her hands and held on tight to the fabric of his T-shirt, knuckles pressing into the lines of his collarbone.
... - you can find the full snippet HERE!

Snippet #3:
Angie’s living room was almost as intimidating as the parlor at Aurimere. It was white and clinical as a doctor’s office, if said doctor’s office had a fur rug on the floor and a sofa with gold curly legs.
Rusty was in the kitchen making tea and snacks. Angie was prowling about the room like an unhappy cat.
“I’m sorry,” Angela said at last, and sat down beside Holly. “I don’t know what to say to make it better. But I’m sorry.”
That already made it better: that Angie, who never pretended, was concerned. It made Holly feel special, in a way she never really had before. She saw Angie’s hand waver for a moment, then move toward Holly’s: Holly was glad for a moment.
Then she remembered and flinched back. Angela withdrew her hand.
“Can we just get it over with?” Angela demanded. “I want to be friends with you again, without all this weirdness. If you think I’m disgusting or something...”
Holly looked at Angie then, stricken. “Oh no,” she said. “No.”
... - you can find the full snippet HERE!

Snippet #4:
“Okay,” said Rusty. “Let me handle this. Trust me, Kami.”
Kami glanced over at him in surprise. He rarely used her real name.
He even more rarely looked both serious and alert, but he looked both now, leaning against the cushions and tilted in her direction, his dark hair ruffled against the pale silk cover of the couch.
“I know what other people think about me,” Rusty told her. “‘That Rusty,’ they say. ‘Charming and handsome,’ they say first, of course—they’re not blind. Then they add, ‘All the ambition and drive of a chocolate sundae.’”
“Rusty, no,” Kami said.
Rusty put out a hand, palm raised, to stop her.
“They’re right. That’s what I am. Why not? Most things come easy to me, most things come lightly. That’s what I come from and how I was made.” He grinned at her. “I was exactly the son my parents wanted: no trouble, no demands. Why demand anything when it was all going to come to me anyway? I had this nursery suite in London, it was pretty great. I miss the scheduled naptimes to this day. And then one day I heard this noise through all the doors, this baby screaming her fool head off, and it was Angela.”
Rusty used the hand he’d lifted to stop Kami speaking and made a small gesture; Kami wasn’t sure what it meant.
... - you can find the full snippet HERE!

Snippet #5:
Once outside, the November wind cut through her blouse. She stood on the doorstep and hugged herself, sorry that she had forgotten her jacket. Jared in his thin T-shirt gave no indication that he felt anything but annoyed.
“You should be in school,” he remarked.
“So should you!” said Kami. “You’re the one who’s a year behind! You absolutely cannot afford this kind of academic recklessness.”
“Fred Wright called the school and got me the day off so I could learn the work,” Jared said.
“Which brings me to my first and most important question: What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“Working,” Jared said. “I asked the Wrights if I could work in the pub for room and board. They agreed.”
... - you can find the full snippet HERE!

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