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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout Update (08/17/'13)
the FIRST chapter from the BOOK
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Teaser #1:
(no spoilers but don't read if you have't read [b:Opal|13362536|Opal (Lux, #3)|Jennifer L. Armentrout||18591132])
All the pent up, helpless rage formed a wrecking ball inside of me. Maintaining human form was near impossible. I wanted to hit something—destroy something. I needed to.
“Daemon, no one—”
“Shut up,” I said, turning to where Matthew sat in the corner of the room. Right this moment I wanted to destroy him. “Just shut the hell up.”

Teaser #2:
“As close as you’re riding me, man, I feel like I need to take you out to dinner or something. At least, I should get your name.” He punched in a floor number, smirking. “People call me Archer.”

Update (15.01.2013):
Teaser #3:
A certain bone-deep understanding occurred and my hand tightened around the smaller one I held. It weren't stars we were staring at. The sky was falling.

Update (30.01.2013):
Teaser #4:
“We can’t lose you,” she said after a few moments of awkward as hell silence. “You have to understand that we aren’t doing this because we don’t care about Kat. We’re doing this because we love you.”
“But I love her,” I said without hesitation.
Dee’s eyes widened, probably since it was the first time she’d heard me say it out loud, well, about anyone other than my family. I wished I had said it more often, especially to Kat. Funny how that kind of shit always turns out in the end. While you’re deep in something, you never say or do what you need to. It’s always after the fact, when it’s too late that you realize what you’ve should’ve said or done.
It couldn’t be too late. I knew that. The fact that I was still alive was testament to that. Like Dee said, though, there were worse things than death.

Update (04.02.2013):
Teaser #5:

Update (8.2.'13):
Teaser #6:
The shadow pulled away, moving forward quickly. My first instinct screamed Arum and to push away from it. I reached blindly for the obsidian necklace, realizing too late I didn’t have it anymore.
“You’re still having nightmares,” the shadow said.
At the sound of the familiar voice, fear gave way to rage so potent that it tasted like a battery acid. I was on my feet before I knew it.
“Blake,” I spat.

Update 03/24/'13
Teaser #7:

Update 04/04/'13
Teaser #8:

Update 04/21/'13
Teaser #9:

Update 04/21/'13
Here is a song that sums up Origin:
People have been asking for spoilers/teasers of Origin. Here is a song that sums up Origin. This is the biggest teaser I have given you.
Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide

Update 06/27/'13
Teaser #10:

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Teaser #11:

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Teaser #12:

Update 18/07/'13
Teaser #13:

Update (06.08.'13):
Teaser #14:
“You have no idea…” I ran out of words at that point. Her being this close after so long was the sweetest kind of torture. Each breath she took, I felt in every part of my body, in some areas more than others. Really inappropriate, but she always had a powerful hold over me. Common sense jumped out the window.