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[reblog] Review: These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner


Just about everyone I know has been gushing about this for ages, no doubt helped along by the beautiful cover. I adored nearly everything about this book. Space ships and mysterious planet full of whispers, visions, ghosts, and other bizarre happenings HELL YES !! It has been described as a mash up story of  the "Titanic in space" and Beth Revis’s Across the Universe trilogy. But it was more complex that I could have ever expected, the story completely transported me. It is  a beautifully written space opera, with elements of the paranormal, with a heavy survival focus. These Broken Stars is set in a more or less distant future, when space travel is quite common, and several other planets are colonized. We are given glimpses of war and the division of class, but I still have a lot of questions. Hopefully they will be answered further into the trilogy.

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Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi


They came to a door flanked by Horn soldiers.

“Ten minutes,” Loran told them. “No one comes in that room.”

One of the men by the door nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Loran’s gaze flicked to Aria, his eyebrows knitting together. She saw dread and anticipation in his expression, and horrible thoughts crashed into her mind.

Until that moment, she hadn’t been afraid of him. Now she realized how naive she’d been. Loran had shown unusual interest in her the first time he’d seen her. She’d been aware of him because she’d sensed his awareness of her. She looked from the door to him, fear turning her to stone and rendering her mute.


[reblog] 24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

Text  from:


1. Handy Bookmark

Handy Bookmark

For the meticulous type who wants to mark exactly which line they left off reading.

2. Clip-On Reading Light

Clip-On Reading Light

For the night-owls-cum-four-eyeses.

3. Floating Bookshelves

Floating Bookshelves

For fans of WITCHCRAFT.

4. Book-Style Tissue Box

Book-Style Tissue Box

For those moments that are just too moving.

5. Transparent Book Weight

Transparent Book Weight

For pages that demand to be kept flat (especially during times of food and/or booze consumption).

6. Talkative Bookmarks

Talkative Bookmarks

For the person who needs help distinguishing between the teetering pile of books on their bedside table.

7. Macbook Book-Case

Macbook Book-Case

For cushioning the blow.

8. Book-Shaped Light

Book-Shaped Light

For illuminating ideas.

9. Fishbowl Bookends

Fishbowl Bookends

For high-minded sea critters.

10. Penguin Classic-Inspired Matchboxes

Penguin Classic-Inspired Matchboxes

For the slightly pretentious yet endearingly immature.

11. Thumb Ring Page Holder

Thumb Ring Page Holder

For the lying-downers and the one-handers.

12. Book-Scented Perfume

Book-Scented Perfume

For anyone looking to seduce the noses of the world.

13. Book-Scented Candle

Book-Scented Candle

For the person who wants their house to do the seducing for them.

14. Leg Bookmarks

Leg Bookmarks

For a reader with a twisted sense of humor.

15. Bloody Bookmark

Bloody Bookmark

No, wait, this one.

16. Bed Prism Glasses

Bed Prism Glasses

For the deeply, deeply lazy.

17. Page-Wrapped Pencils

Page-Wrapped Pencils

For the daydreamers who need a quick hit at work or school or wherever they happen to be (many titles available).

18. Bedtime Story Duvet Cover

Bedtime Story Duvet Cover

And for the one who prefers them in bed.

19. “Your/You’re” Teacups and Saucers


For the die-hard grammarian.

20. Inverted Bookshelf

Inverted Bookshelf

For the gravity-defier. Directions here.

21. Personal Library Kit

Personal Library Kit

For the lender.

22. Personalized Library Embosser

Personalized Library Embosser

And for the lender who wants to leave a mark.

23. Book Tent

Book Tent

For the adventurer.

24. Automatic Reading Light

Automatic Reading Light

For anyone who wants their lamp to switch off when they place their book on top(i.e. everybody).

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Cress - Marissa Meyer


*You can find more on Lunar Chronicles Tumbler Page


Crash into You - Katie McGarry


In Life It's always about timing people!

I don't think i would have loved Katie McGarry's books as much as i do, if i read them in any other point in my life.


Pushing The Limits was one of the first books i've read from this gender and it captivated me. I fall in love with all its characters (even Beth - until i read her book, but that's another story).

After that i never pass a chance to read any of this authors books. And while it follows the same pattern as most contemporary-romance books i still find it more captivating and more deep than the others.

But i might be biased.


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1. The Return will be in dual POV (Seth and our main protagonist)

2. You have NOT met the female lead yet.

3. The female lead has absolutely no knowledge of gods and any of that

4. Since it’s a Titan novel, you can expect… the Titans.

5. Apollo will be all up in the book, because well, it’s Apollo and I sort of like him.

6. Deacon and Luke will make appearances, but other main characters will not be featured in this series. (Not giving details to avoid as much spoilers as possible)

7. The biggest difference is that the Titan series will be New Adult paranormal. And here’s the reason why. I never gave Seth’s ennbirthday, but he’s always been well over the age of 18 years old, and I really have no real reason bringing him into a high school environment without making him look like a creeper. And he already has enough creeper tendencies as is, so he really is too old for YA. Does that mean the book will be inappropriate for younger readers? Absolutely not. Will it have more adult content? Probably. I mean, Seth was always borderline inappropriate, but my YA books have that, so….

8. And it will be releasing in early 2015, tentatively February 2015 in both print and digital!

*(on Jennifer L. Armentrouts blog)


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black


Here are a few quick thoughts:

- This is a dystopia book - the society deals with the aftermath of something that happened a few decades ago the best way it knows...

- The MC is not a crybaby, she take matters in to her own hands - she bleeds and she hurts, but she kicks, fights, kills, run!!!

- Everything happens in a span of 3-4 days and its all action all the time.

- IT IS a vampire book - they are beautiful, almighty creatures sucking blood from innocent humans (nothing new about that). But, there was an interesting spin on the infection and turning process which made this book a LITTLE different!


Definitely fast-paced and fun read, worth to check out!


Horde - Ann Aguirre



Huntress - such a powerful title!
The word solely weighs so much meaning in itself. Expressing strength, bravery on one side, brutality and blood-thirst on the other and among everything else it pinpoints on femininity.
Its a title only a woman can wear!

This word sets the theme for the whole series representing conflicted extremes. Its the most brutal and at the same time the most tender story, each one more emphasized because of the existence of the other.

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Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout


While reading this book i come to this worthy notions about life:

- teen pregnancy is the bomb!

- man leathe pants are having a comeback

- you are considered British if you end every sentence with the word LOVE

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Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout

"He made that sound again, that absolutely sexy male sound that rumbled through him and then me."



Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell


I love to read contemporary novels once in a while. They are like a breath of fresh air after the blood and gore that is the Dystopia genre.


The story is about a girl who loves writing fan-fiction to the point where, for her, fan-fic becomes a way of coping with real life.


I (personally) never understand fan-fictin. I never seek it, and when i stumble upon it, I never read it. I can never read about the same characters in other authors voice. (For me) it seams like a pail copy of the original - unsatisfying. (again - for me!)


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[REBLOG] Spooky Reads For Halloween - Horror Books That You Loved

Get in the mood for Halloween with scary reads. If you love spooky atmosphere, you'll surely enjoy horror books that we found on your blogs (to read all review, click the link). Which book will you be reading tomorrow?


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Horde  - Ann Aguirre


There is mayhem happening in there but all i can do is grin while reading it because its so GOOD!!! (and exciting) 




Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

So... we read through two books thinking Tris is so special because she is a Divergent only to learn that she just passed the test to be a REGULAR HUMAN?



Sentinel Teaser!
Sentinel Teaser!

On Jennifer L. Armentrout facebook page!



Monument 14: Savage Drift
Monument 14: Savage Drift

We finally have a cover!!

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